Financial Instituions: Key Features and Benefits

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Increase interest rate margin and profitability
The average net yield to the bank is currently at 9.50%
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Enhance your consumer lending portfolio
Niche product diversifies the loan portfolio
Potential to improve CRA scoring
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Mitigate the risk of loss through our Special Loss Reserve Program
Potential losses are covered through a special reserve which is established using a portion of our paid fee which is held with and controlled by the lender
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Improve operational efficiencies and productivity
Fully underwritten, processed, packaged, and serviced
No additional staff needed
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Increase deposit base and cross-sell opportunities
Increase additional revenue sources
Increase Asset Size
Improve market share
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Absolutely No Obligation to purchase a set minimum number of loans
Not on a monthly basis, annually, or ever
No barriers to entry or exit of this program